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The Importance of Social Media Posting

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Social Media Posting is gaining prominence in the industry as a way for dealers to connect with their customer base on a more personal and interactive basis. But while social media feeds back into general SEO techniques, the idea behind this heightened visibility is much different.

With SEO techniques, our writers’ focus is on keywording and indexing in search engines, trying to attract new or indecisive customers by providing relevant information to their search and then leading them toward those final decision-making processes. However, with social media, your followers traditionally are your customers, drawing both repeat clientele as well as those still in the decision-making stage.


The largest facet of social media posting is the use of shared information and word-of-mouth, leading into heightened customer interaction. Social media posting allows a dealership to post relevant news about their brand, upcoming vehicles, and even a focus on less-known facets of their own dealership (such as new sales/deals, maintenance services, and service to their community, among others).

These posts are not aimed for search engines (though certainly sharing pages from the website can certainly give the website extra validity and authority with that additional backlink, especially when thrown into the sharing cycle typical of social media providers). They are aimed, instead, at the customers on a face-to-face level, and these posts are then perpetuated by word-of-mouth and internal sharing. If a customer shares one of these posts to their own page, the visibility is exponentially increased, as it now is accessible to their own friends (many of whom may not have been in the original follower pool for the dealership), and so on.

Additionally, unique and consistent updates keep dealers’ social media sites fresh, relevant, and visible.

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