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4 People SEO Pros to Follow on Twitter

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If you work in the SEO field or run a web-based business where your Google search listing is your livelihood, then staying up-to-date on current SEO trends and news is a must. The world of SEO is a fluid environment where best practices don’t stay static for long — an SEO tactic that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Those who keep pace with current SEO news thrive, while those who don’t get left behind on the second page of search results — where links go to get ignored and possibly develop self-esteem issues.

One of the best ways to keep up to date on current SEO trends is through Twitter. Here are a three important people who’ll provide invaluable tips, information, and breaking news in the world of SEO.

Matt Cutts – If there’s only one person you follow on Twitter, then it should be Matt Cutts, the Moses of the SEO community. He speaks to the burning bush (Google) and when he comes back from the mountaintop the SEO community listens. To those in the industry, his word is gospel.

Rand Fishkin – The founder of Moz, one of the most influential and well-respected company in SEO, Rand Fishkin is useful and trustworthy SEO resource. He’s actively engaged in Twitter and is a source for great insights about SEO, social media, and technology.

Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Land is a trusted source for breaking news in the SEO industry, and Barry Schwartz resides over it as the site’s news editor. The next time Google releases a Panda, Hummingbird, or whatever animal they decide to use as the code name for an algorithm update, Barry Schwartz will be the first to break the news.

Daniel Chase – former manager of Content Motive, Daniel posts excellent SEO news and strategies. Twitter

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