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What Automotive SEO Companies do?

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What is SEO?

SEO is basically making a website perform as well as possible in a search results page. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of continually making changes to a website in an attempt to reach the top of strategy specific keywords on SERPs. An Automotive SEO Company provides this service exclusively to car dealers and the automotive industry.

Dealer SEO

On Site SEO

On-page or on-site search engine optimization refers to making changes to the HTML code of a page or an entire website. This is something that should always be part of all good SEO packages. On-page SEO addresses a variety of fundamental HTML elements (as they relate to SEO) such as page titles, descriptions, headings, content and content organization, and internal link structure.

Off Site SEO

We create other websites that help boost your web presence and search ranking on your normal website. Some of the websites include: blogs, product focused websites, and review websites. Every link to your website counts as a vote, making your website show higher in search results. Often the more links to your website the better.

Dealer Content Marketing

SEO content writing is somewhat of a misnomer-it really should be replaced with high quality and well researched content writing. SEO content writing includes GEO located and targeted keywords, quality content that not only engages readers but also calls them to action to create a lead.

Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is important and not just a fad. As more and more people are using Facebook and Twitter, there is a growing audience, where it is cheap and simple to promote your dealership and engage potential car shoppers. Social media also builds relationships and boosts brand awareness.

Why an automotive focused SEO Company?

Content Motive understands the automotive industry. We are an Automotive SEO Company and we know local SEO and can give you the competitive advantage over other dealerships in your market area.

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