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Content for Car Dealers

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Content for Car DealersFinding the right Content for Car Dealers is a key piece of any web marketing strategy, as vital as paid advertising and third-party inventory listings. Automotive website content done right links seamlessly with the other pieces of your car dealer website, including your PPC advertising and inventory marketing. At Content Motive, our aim for our car dealer website content is to highlight the products and services you most want to see in your most important customer-draw areas

How Does Content for Car Dealers Work?

With recent Google updates to its overall algorithm, one of the key components of any website is consistently updated, quality content that not only draws customers to your site, but retains those visits through relevancy to both your dealership and your customers’ web searches. Content for Car Dealers must be uniquely produced for your dealership, written as quality pieces that contain the research information customers have been proven to want before dropping into any dealership.

Additional search engine updates for Google put both mobile and local results at the forefront. Therefore, you don’t just want quality content, but quality content specifically optimized to both work responsively on multiple devices and is created with your website’s overall SEO value in mind. At Content Motive, we supply all of this, and more.

The Content Motive Difference with Car Dealer Website Content

Content for Car Dealers offered by Content Motive is designed for both adaptive and responsive web platforms, depending on your website’s layout, and does not lose functionality with customer device changes or differences in how customers find your site, be it on their computers, phones, or tablets. Additionally, every piece we produce is created with SEO optimization and functionality in mind, from your proper backlinks to the coding itself.

One additional key component to how our content strategies for our dealers are created is to keep in mind local search results, rankings, and trends for each of our clients. We want to create content that works for your dealership in the best of ways, and that includes localizing keywords to capitalize on shifts in search engine technology toward mobile and local SEO results. We choose the areas, products, and/or services that work best within your existing web marketing strategies to pull customers and leads in from areas you know best.

If you’re curious how Content Motive’s Content for Car Dealers can benefit your auto dealer website, contact us today through our website, or give us a call at 877-622-2291. We happily work with any kind of car dealership, from the smallest independent to those larger brands with manufacturer compliance guidelines.

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