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We realize that content isn’t just about talking about a car that your dealership may carry. Rather, it’s about using content to communicate who your dealership is as a brand. Every piece of content that we create we try to tell a story that will link the reader with your dealership.

Content for Dealers is Worth the Investment

Your dealership needs to know the importance of content within business models is going to continue. Dealer’s budgets are have already allocated more funds to content strategies both in the U.S. and around the globe. The dealer down the street is spending on content. Does that mean you need to also?

With so many dealerships increasing their content investments, it will become a true battle for search visibility. PPC and Paid Search Advertising is expected to double in cost in the next 2 years. SEO content marketing is a great alternative.


While some may assume that since content marketing is newer and more unique than traditional marketing, that it will cost more. But, this isn’t the case. Dealer content marketing doesn’t necessarily cost as much as traditional marketing does. Plus, you will most likely give you even more leads and sales as a result.

Content Motive has started looking deeper into our audiences and finding more venues in which to promote your dealer content. Nothing stays the same on the Internet; there are always new and moving trends. Content Motive has ridden the roller coaster and can stay ahead of the trends, seeing what will work tomorrow.

Our content will get you noticed. We make sure that your dealership’s content is unique and the true voice of your brand. We make sure we know the ins and outs of your audience and are speaking directly to them and their interests with each and every piece of content that we create for your dealership.

We have sophisticated methods of measuring our content’s results, from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, to other 3rd party reports. By measuring and analyzing your dealership’s success, we’ll always know where to go with your content in the future.

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