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Out of Fasion SEO Tactics

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Much like high fashion, SEO is a constantly changing industry where the tricks and tactics that got you prime position on organic searches yesterday may not work in the future. These outdated SEO tactics go by way of the bell bottoms and 80’s era leg warmers; that is forgotten and never to be seen again. Here are some SEO tactics that have definitely gone out of fashion.

Building Links With Duplicate Content
Today, posting duplicate content to capture a link from the highest PageRank site willing to post your duplicate content will get you penalized by Google. Google knows that spammers are trying to use these tactics to game the system. Not even “spinning”, a practice of creating automated variations of an article, can fool Google’s algorithm. This practice just ends up creating low quality articles that neither Google spiders or human readers find appealing. You’re better off crafting unique content that people would naturally want to link to.

Keyword Density
Having keyword orientated content is a good thing. However, having too much keyword density can actually hurt you. Keyword stuffing an article can not only get you penalized by Google, but it creates unnatural content that is just unpleasant to read. Instead of focusing on how you can fit a particular keyword into your sentence, you’re better off just concentrated on writing interesting content.

Exact Match Anchor Link Text
Just a few years ago one of the easiest ways to get a keyword to rank higher in Google was to use that keyword as an anchor text. These days, that same practice might result in a Penguin penalty. According to Google, having too many exact match anchor link text on your site is a red flag for unnatural link building, something that Google is trying to dissuade.

Partnering with Content Motive, we will keep you ahead of the curve and will change our SEO products as Google algorithms change.

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