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Increase Engagement for Your Dealership with Social Media

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Increase Engagement for Your Dealership with Social Media Online research rates within the automotive industry have only been increasing in recent years, especially given the rise of social platforms that make media and information easier to access than ever before. With such a wide variety of sources and information available, connecting with customers online has become a key piece of the car sales process. Increase Engagement for Your Dealership with Social Media and catch your buyers before they ever hit the lot, or better yet, drive them to your dealership with authoritative influence and unparalleled service.

Engaging with Automotive Buyers through Social Media

Social media platforms make your dealership incredibly accessible to customers—and a wider variety of them—if set up and utilized properly. In order to Increase Engagement for Your Dealership with Social Media, it is important to capitalize upon these avenues of opportunities to better interact and engage with your current and potential customer bases.

Mobile devices put your customers online 24/7, and it is up to use to make sure our information is accessible both online and mobile in particular, accurate and consistent with offline or other advertising sources, up-to-date, and relevant. Optimized content helps your customers find your dealership, the product information is what we mean to sell, but it’s that extra mile of engagement that helps finalize their decision. When a dealer is well-informed and quick to respond to questions or even issues that might arise during or after sale, this illustrates an extra level of personal care to your customer base that keeps them coming back or recommending the business afterward.

The Benefits of Social Media for Auto Dealerships

With social media services from Content Motive, we combine the best parts of your content optimization and social media presence to help provide you with an easy, fast, and accessible avenue to Increase Engagement for Your Dealership with Social Media. Our services post to your Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Plus accounts to give you an active social presence on these multiple platforms. And we post meaningful content: your own optimized website content, relevant news, or even occasional sales to help your social gain and maintain authority. With Content Motive handling the generation of content to create active profiles, we provide you with the avenue to engage with those customers who express interest, come to you with questions or concerns, or even provide those customers with timely sales, exclusives, and more.

For more information on Content Motive’s social media services or any other automotive web content-related services, contact us through this website, or give us a call at 877-622-2291.

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