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Guide to writing powerful headlines

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Content WritingAccording to CopyBlogger, “80% of people will glance at the headlines of content, but only 20% of people go on to read the article or content.” It’s a basic statistic, but it emphasizes the bigger picture of why powerful headline is a must-have for successful and positive ROI for SEO content and blog posts. Even though a headline is usually only 5 to 10 words, it is the most important part of an article. For SEO purposes, a headline is also a page’s Title Tag. Google wants Title Tags to be fewer than 70 characters. So how can I make a headline fit all of these requirements and still be captivating?

  • When writing a headline, keep benefits in mind.  How will reading the content help the reader?
  • Use powerful hooks, imaginative phrases that make the reader visualize or entice them to read further.
  • Know your audience and go for the pressure points.  For the automotive industry, everyone needs: oil changes, everyone wants to save money, everyone wants things easy and pleasant, and everyone wants things fast.  An example headline could be: “Secret to getting a fast oil change while saving money”

To sum it up you only have to write 5 to 10 words at 70 or less characters, sounds easy right?  Knowing exactly what to say in those few words can take longer to write than the entire article.

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