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Boost Your Organic SEO with Content Building

Maximize your dealership’s web presence by putting your site in query results that your customers are looking for with Content Motive’s dealer website content building options! All of our content pages are designed and specifically tooled to boost your website’s visibility and search engine ranking results in several vital areas, such as following industry trends, uniqueness, and relevancy.

Overall, the key to any dealer website’s marketing success depends on an integration of technical and physical interaction. The aim of SEO content is to help your audience (or potential buyers) find your product or services through a search engine, and then retain them long enough to turn that visit into a lead for the site. Utilizing search engines to reach potential buyers has many benefits, such as long-tail keywords that make for close/non-exact queries to end in a result easily, and as long as this unique content remains on your site, it never expires (and with it, the potential for it ending up in a customer’s search results does not either).

Content Motive’s dealer website content building pieces are all individually written, unique pieces tailored to your website with strategic keywording, consistent updating in line with search engine updates that helps your site’s overall web authority, and integrated calls-to-action designed to move prospective buyers from the website into the dealership. Additionally, Content Motive’s unique automotive SEO content is compatible with your site’s mobile design, and with keyword strategies generally centered on local SEO results, our content results tap into an ever larger part of your dealership’s online market.


Types of Automotive SEO Content for Dealer Website Content Building

Fitting in line with our dedication to unique, consistent content that follows both manufacturer/dealer compliance as well as frequent changes to Google and other search engine algorithms, Content Motive offers two general types of automotive SEO content, both of which are able to be customized and keyworded to each dealer’s particular strategies or other needs.


Standard SEO Content

Our standard automotive SEO content consists of custom pages, each written to an individual keyword and location to best fit the needs of each dealer’s customers and the dealership’s products or services. Each page is an unique piece of content, put together by our writing and editing staff to ensure accuracy, quality, and proper optimization. Each page is customized to fit in-line with your website’s design and functionality, and each contain calls-to-action features within the page to direct your customers to the content they’re looking for the most (including your site’s inventory, finance applications, etc., and these features are just as customizable as the content within).

Standard automotive SEO pages rely heavily on local SEO techniques and keyword strategies. Think of them as miniature landing pages for your website, pulling in customers from various research queries into your website and leading converting them into leads with clear, concise, accurate content that also points them to the most important areas of your website. Local SEO techniques help your pages show up in the areas your customers are looking, especially with mobile searching trends, and makes capturing leads more convenient for both the dealership and the customer.


Long Form Content Long Form

Like the name suggests, long form automotive content from Content Motive places a focus on extended-length content. When combined with a standard SEO content strategy, long form content fills in the heavy research pieces of information that your customers might be utilizing other sources for. Long-form content utilizes less of a local SEO strategy, and instead places the focus on hard information. Where standard SEO content acts as a landing page, meant to engage and ultimately direct your customers to the rest of your website, offerings, and services, long form content exists on your website to educate, much like a brochure would. With these engaging, educated pieces on your website, long form content takes a step in increasing your dealer website’s overall authority (which in turn feeds into the success of your organic SEO results).

Like standard automotive SEO pages, long form content can also be customized to fit a dealer website’s needs or existing strategy. And while this extended content does focus less on garnering local SEO results, each page is still uniquely written , fits compliance and search engine standards/algorithm changes, contains calls-to-action integrated within the page, and is properly optimized.


What Automotive SEO Content Building Offers for Your Dealership


• Uniquely written, custom pages
• SEO-focused product, and dealer-specific keyword strategy
• Local SEO/geo-located keyword strategy
• Integrated call-to-action features on every page
• Contact forms on every page to help generate leads


Why Your Dealer Website Needs Automotive SEO Content


• Increases traffic through search results (including increasing mobile search/device use).
• Utilizes trending topics that get results.
• Keyword strategy is customizable to any aspect of your dealership (including financing, fixed-ops, etc.)
• A balance of content with consistent and regular updates that keeps search engines re-indexing your site.

o Most of any dealership’s website is inventory; automotive SEO content adds pages built to stay relevant, even as inventory comes and goes.
o Automotive SEO content strategies are customizable for any (or even multiple) departments of your dealership.

• Google algorithms favor fresh, new, unique content, making consistent content updating vital to any SEO content strategy.
• Adds indexed pages of your website to multiple search engines, increasing your web authority and the likelihood of appearing in a given search query.

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