Amplify your dealer website’s brand with organic search optimization (SEO) content. Available in standard and long-form, Content Motive’s automotive SEO content utilizes key tools to maximize your dealer site’s web presence and authority, with locally focused keywording, custom page building with calls to action, and more! Keep your content unique and specific to your dealership’s needs while reaching a larger potential customer base with automotive SEO content.


Retain your leads by providing your browsing, researching, and/or potential customers with custom landing pages created to lead your customers from your paid ads straight to the parts of your website that benefit them most. Don’t let your potential leads become wasted, bouncing site traffic. Content Motive’s custom landing pages include optimized copy tailored specifically to your paid ad content, custom layout, call to action elements, and more! Reduce your bounce rate and convert your leads with direct content.


With Google’s continued emphasis on valuable, consistent content, Content Motive too follows this focus. Add unique, high quality content to product or service-focused websites with micro-content websites from Content Motive. Content is added on a consistent, rolling basis to not only provide the same SEO expertise we do with our standard SEO content, but to help update the content-freshness of a more myopic, product/service-focused microsite.


Creating an engaging blog for your dealership provides a number of benefits for your overall social media strategy and web authority. Blogs not only draw additional traffic to your main website, but they help convert leads with engaging and reoccurring fresh content. With blogs, a greater emphasis is placed on sharing content, linking your automotive SEO content marketing to your dealership’s brand and social media presence. Blog content also works similarly to our automotive SEO content, complete with proper optimization elements with some even unique to the blogging format, such as tags, and categories.


Manage your dealership’s online reputation through reviews and testimonials. With branded review sites, Content Motive provides dealers with the tools to receive honest feedback on their customer service rankings and to respond with honest, real time solutions for customers to address issues or retain continued business. With I Love Dealer sites, we help dealers point their customers to existing reputation platforms and services, acting as an accessible gateway for your customers.


Social media posting with Content Motive is designed to keep your public facing accounts active and accessible for your customers who spend a majority of their time accessing their contacts, other brands, or even shopping through their social media accounts. With mobile traffic and research increasing, a social media presence to help direct your customers toward your dealership, product, or service is a vital marketing tool. Having existing and updated social media accounts also don’t just help your customers find your dealership, but also help retain the customers you already have through greater accessibility to your business. Content Motive’s social media posting service posts to Facebook, Twitter, and G+ accounts.


Our custom dealer websites specially designed for a dealerships that feature specific product or service information. The aim of our custom websites is to provide specialized and concise content, made to sell a particular make/model or service. Our custom SEO websites place a high focus on keywords and geo-location, and also provide additional accessibility to potential customers.

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