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The Art of the Roundup

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The roundup is a traffic generating SEO tactic. It’s a fairly simple concept that doesn’t require too much work.

Step 1. Pick a topic relevant to your industry.
Step 2. Invite industry experts to contribute a paragraph or two to a report you’re writing on the topic.
Step 3. Compile the submissions and publish an informative blog post.
Step 4. Send a “thank you” email to the contributors including a link to the article.

The benefits are huge. First, you get some great content for your site which will have its own SEO benefits and draw for traffic. Second, even though they don’t have to, the contributors will link to the report because it has their name on it. This not only pulls in traffic from their blogs/sites, but also provides great backlinks for SEO purposes as well.

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Kevin Drongowski
PGI Auto / Content Motive

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