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Why Car Dealerships need Blogs

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Dealer Blogs draw additional traffic to the main website and converts leads with engaging and interactive content. Blog content, while sharing similar optimization elements with landing pages and content marketing, also uniquely acts as a dealership’s social media fuel. The result is greater reach through increased web presence, visibility, and search engine authority.

Dealer Blogs

SEO is not the only reason to have a blog:

  • Humanizing the dealership – give your dealership a voice
  • Enhancing visibility – customers will find your dealership in new ways, not just search engines, but also social media
  • Building credibility and trust – show your authority on the subject
  • Promoting new models and manufacture news – be the first in your area to have information about all new models
  • Generating leads and business – readers can become leads and conversions

Engaging Customers: Retaining web traffic and converting it into an actualized customer base hinges on the trust they can place in your dealership. With a visible, active blog that contains vibrant, unique, and relevant automotive topics, you control how readers perceive your dealership. As web visibility grows through customer interaction, so does your dealership’s online reputation.

Latest Trending News: Customers can use your blog as a reputable source for the latest news on your dealership’s specific make. Customers can go to your blog to find out about the latest model releases and upcoming releases.

If you are interested in learning more about dealer blogs or dealer content marketing, please contact us.

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