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How Census data can help guide dealer marketing

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Every ten years the US government takes an official count or survey of a population, also recording various details like income, house pricing, age, language, and education level. All of these recorded details can be used to help dealerships know their surrounding market place and find their target market. When you know your area, you know where to invest your marketing.

So how can a dealership use this data for marketing?

Knowing the population of a city can help dealers target the larger cities to maximize exposure.

Naturally lower income cities are more likely to need a loan when purchasing a car. High-level income areas may be more prone to leasing a luxury car, may be more will to pay more for a car.

House Pricing:
Do you have a used car dealership, or a high-end luxury car dealership? Knowing that the average house price is $10,000 or $1,000,000 can make a big difference when choosing the right audience to market to.

Do you have a minivan or SUV on your lot and you can’t sell it? Where is the target market for this? Knowing the average age of a city can help you pick what city to market to. Find a city with a low average age, they have kids, they probably need a minivan or SUV.

Does your dealership target a multilingual audience? Where is the Spanish speaking population near my dealership? Don’t guess blindly, there is data for that.

Education Level:
Is your dealership in a highly educated area? If so you know that they will want to research before purchasing a new vehicle. Does your dealership provide content marketing giving shoppers access to great content for research?

Having all this information can be overwhelming. Leave your content marketing to us at Content Motive. Our experienced SEO strategists interpret the data get optimize your website based on your target marketing and surrounding areas.

Ok, so where do I find the data?
usa.com – great source for data, has a built in map function.
census.gov – the source.
zipskinny.com – find data based on a zip code.

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