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Micro-Content Websites

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Micro-Content Websites add many benefits to standard, static microsite building. Microsites themselves offer dealers a way to focus on model or service-specific marketing by building additional websites with a specialized focus on selling a particular model or service, often with a narrowed location and audience. Microsites already place a high focus on keywording for model, service, and location, and through this specialized focus, they provide a dealership’s main website with additional accessibility and traffic.

Content Writing

Micro-Content Websites expand upon the basic microsite model by adding consistent high-quality content to these various specialized sites. With periodic updates, this quality content not only adds even more accessibility to the main website, but also gives each microsite more freshness (and in Google’s eyes, more authority and credibility).

Each update adds new unique pages with information tailored to a microsite’s product or service focus. By adding unique, high quality content to quality microsites with an existing SEO-focus improves the microsite’s SEO ranking and visibility as well as domain authority by providing external links back to the core website.

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