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Top 3 mistakes dealers make in SEO

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Search engine optimization can get very confusing for the non-professional. Many people ask us here at Content Motive, “How can I improve my dealer’s website SEO?” Matt Cutts at Google gives brief examples on the most common SEO mistakes, watch the video below.

1 Usability: Is your website displaying accurately on mobile devices? Over half of car shoppers search for cars on their phones and tablets. Everything Content Motive offers is not only focused on SEO but also on usability and lead generation.

2 Content: Does your content cover all aspects of your content, service department, parts department. Most dealer website providers do not have significant about of content for these areas.

3 Keywords: Does your dealer website have the best keywords available? Do all of your webpages have title tags? The title tag is the first place that Google looks for relevant keywords.

Ask us about our dealer SEO strategy, we can help your dealership reach number one!

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