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Top 5 must knows for dealer content marketing

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There are many companies on the Internet offering content marketing and SEO services for local businesses. The problem with a generalized SEO or content marketing plan from one of these one size fits all agencies is simply one size does not fit all when it comes to marketing. Car dealers have very different marketing goals than say a restaurant or a toyshop. Finding the right marking firm for a dealership can be tricky. Well, not really; Content Motive specializes in content marketing for dealers and only dealers.

Here are our top five tips to successful content marketing car dealers:

1. Follow the latest industry trends
Today the Honda Civic is the most popular Honda car searched for. Tomorrow it may be the 2015 Honda HRV, not released yet. Keeping on top of car shoppers searching trends can help prepare for tomorrows top keywords today.

2. Know the audience
Car shoppers almost always start shopping by doing research online for the make or model that they are interested in. One great service that Content Motive offers is creating quality content research material and putting it right on the dealer’s website. By putting great relevant content on your dealer website, the car shopper can stay with your dealership for the whole car shopping experience, from researching to purchase.

3. Call To Action
Every good marketer knows that there is a science to getting more click-throughs and leads. Sometimes potential buyers need to be told what to do. Key phrases like, “Click here” or “Get Special Price” will increase the ROI not only in content marketing, but also in dealer inventory and PPC advertisements.

4. Integration with Social Media like Facebook and Twitter
Not everyone is on Facebook or other social medias, but tons of people are. If you dealership does not have a social media strategy, you may be missing out on tons of potential leads and new customer relationships. Creating unique content for dealerships don’t just stop on your website; content needs to be shared.

5. Have a holistic approach with content
Most dealer websites are 90% inventory and 10% Fixed-Ops. Does this seem like a holistic approach to market your dealership’s services and products? No! Content Motive knows that creating content for your finance department and service and parts departments can lead to a much more balanced approach for your dealer website’s content.

These were just some of the things on the surface that every dealer needs to know about content marketing for dealers. If you are interested in the technical details of why certain SEO content strategies work, and others don’t, or want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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